Learning Unreal by Raiding Crypts and Solving Puzzles

I completed the third game project in my learning Unreal online course this weekend. In this short “game,” the objective is to traverse a dungeon, solve puzzles, and retrieve a valuable statue. I completely redesigned the level from my last post / video and made it a lot simpler to traverse. Additionally, I added more level props and scenery from the Medieval Dungeon asset pack to give the level a bit more polish.

I had a lot of fun working with the level building tools available in Unreal and experimenting with the lighting system, Lumen. I also was able to dip my toes into C++ again, a language I haven’t worked with in decades. I’m excited to get into the next project which promises to be more programming heavy. From what I have seen, modern C++ is a bit different from what I remembered, but after a long development career with higher level languages like Ruby and Python, I am excited to use C++ and take advantage of it’s raw speed.

If you want to check out the projects and the code, you can find it at my Github and at the following repository.

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