Learning Unreal – ToonTanks

This is the fourth game I created as part of an online course to learn Unreal Engine 5. In this game prototype, you play as a tank that needs to destroy a series of towers before the towers destroy the tank. Though the game assets are pretty basic, this project was a deeper dive into C++ game programming.

I really enjoyed working on this project and working in C++ again after a couple of decades. It’s pretty barebones at the moment, but I plan to return to this project after completing the course and adding more features and ideas. Stay “toon”-ed!

My next project is a first person shooter and I’m really excited to start because creating my dream FPS game was the reason I wanted to learn Unreal Engine in the first place.

PS If you are interested, here are links to my past projects and source code:

  1. Shooting Barrels
  2. Obstacle Course
  3. Dungeon Raider
  4. Toon Tanks

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