Level Designing and Playing with Unreal 5.1 Lumen

I’m beginning work on the third game as part of the course and the objective is to raid a dungeon, solve a series of puzzles, and enter a hidden tomb. I am very impressed by how quickly it is to use assets to create a level in Unreal and how great the lighting is from Lumen. I wish I knew about light leaks in Lumen earlier. I would have laid out the skeleton better and surround the whole level with an outside to block out the lights. Running around patching light leaks in a pitch dark dungeon wasn’t very fun and I added way more actors than I needed to. Lessons learned for the future.

Apologize in advance for the graphical glitches in the video. Game is still work in progress and recording at the same time is not optimal. Maybe one day I can justify the astronomical price of graphics cards these days and upgrade.

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